This website will act as a repository for the things that I've learned in:

  • International Development
    • As a MPA and a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who has worked on numerous international development projects, I'm always anxious to learn how development can (and should) be done better. I'll dig into case studies and cultural context to come up with some best practices that future development projects can implement.
  • Tech (focused in System / Network Design and Administration / Security)
    • As a professional with over twelve years of professional experience in the field, I will use this site as a means to promote a certain approach to solving a problem, or to provide yet another source of advice to guide fellow professionals in making purchase and implementation decisions.
  • Public Policy
    • I'll dig deep on issues that interest me, examining the data and evaluations publicly available to come to a policy recommendation. (In-Progress)

There is no one funding this site other than myself (Ian Reynolds). If you are curious about who is writing the material, feel free to checkout the About The Author section.

If you are in need of consulting services, feel free to reach out via Linkedin or Twitter. Details on my specialization are evident by examining my Resume.

If you just want to see all of the content - it can be found in the Articles