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Photo You've stumbled upon the ramblings of an IT Consultant / NGO Management Professional, with first-hand experience in seeing the state of humanity progressed. Through my time both as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and in independent volunteer engagements, I've seen the tremendous feats that people are capable of. Despite the endless pessimism that seems to pervade all generations, we are living in a time of unparalleled freedom and prosperity. The knowledge that things can and do get better, has given me a foundation to build my life off of. It's also clear to me though, that the biggest shame of our time is in the tremendous inequity that has infected our society.

Despite having grown up in The United States (now living in Canada), I've had stints where I was volunteering and working in numerous countries over the course of the year. Some of these countries get the label "developing", others "developed". I've never found people living in either category country, to differ in any fundamental way.

During Peace Corps I learned Albanian to better assist the community that I was placed with. What I came to understand was that the cultural differences between us were real, but in many cases inconsequential. My friends in Albania, Thailand, and South Africa have an equal claim to freedom, safety and security, as my friends in Canada, The US and The UK. Also within Canada, The US, or The UK, the level of freedom a person enjoys varies drastically with education, economic background, race, and numerous other factors that people in these countries like to deny.

If we all have an equal right to freedom, safety and security - yet that is not the current state, what does that say about our society? I won't attempt to answer a question as big as that, but I will take the question as a call to do what I can, at an individual level, to dissolve these structural barriers to more free societies. As a policy wonk and an IT geek, the tools that I tend to wield in improving this state fall into those buckets. This site will attempt to bring more visibility to changes in law, methodology, and implementation that I believe to be useful in building the world that I would like to live in. I only hope that you pick these tools up, and join in the effort to progress the global society to a more just version of itself.